Adding clarity, visibility and efficiency to your eDiscovery process.

Inventus’ proprietary discovery management platform is fully enabled within Relativity. Luminosity® is an easy to use document review software which includes seamless integration of leading industry applications. This allows you to inform your case strategy early in the litigation life cycle as it allows you faster access to data. Inventus Luminosity® reduces cost and risk by processing data once, culling data collection, and streamlining the review process.


Inventus helps organizations effectively manage the legal discovery management process. Our services combine legal project management, custom development and best-in-breed technologies to provide our clients with a cost-effective and defensible discovery process. Our proprietary workflows and solutions, coupled with our unparalleled expertise and consultative approach, allow corporations, law firms, and government agencies to recognize extensive discovery-related efficiencies and, in turn, substantially mitigate their costs and risk throughout the process.


With other Relativity providers, customer data is often imported and exported multiple times between the processing and hosting environments. Every time data is moved between platforms it is subject to increased risk of corruption and time delays, as each step involves a human touchpoint. These various exchanges can ultimately slow down projects and potentially cause missed deadlines. Inventus’ proprietary middleware, Direct Link, is fully integrated into our eDiscovery software; data is linked directly from our processing tool to our Relativity hosting environment. This means that source data only needs to be stored and processed once, eliminating the risk and potential errors that may occur when processing, exporting and copying data between platforms, and ensuring data protection. With Direct Link, clients save time, eliminate redundant costs that are inherent to data processing and review, and meet tight production deadlines by speeding the document production process.



With most providers, true Early Case Assessment (ECA) – in which case teams interact directly with data sets very early on in the discovery process – can only occur in separate platforms built specifically for ECA. This traditional approach requires teams to pay significant fees to process and host data that is judged to be irrelevant and not needed for downstream review. inVerito, an ECA workflow built directly into Relativity, enables case teams to develop an effective case strategy much earlier in the litigation cycle. inVerito allows for advanced culling, graphical representations, and immediate visibility into large amounts of data. It enables defensible identification of highly relevant material with a minimal hosting footprint. Because it’s enabled in Relativity, you never have to wait for potentially relevant documents to be exported and loaded into a review platform. As a result of this early case assessment workflow, Inventus clients are averaging upwards of 80% data reduction prior to attorney review. inVerito allows case teams to conduct both ECA and review in the same workspace, saving time and money without sacrificing deep visibility into data.



Clients tell us that the creation of a privilege log is a cumbersome and time-consuming process – a task prone to human error and large fees. Inventus’ privilege log generator streamlines the creation of privilege descriptions and reduces the amount of quality control needed to identify errors and finalize entries, thus saving time and maximizing efficiency. Inventus has created custom technology to intelligently create the privilege description and eliminate such issues as spelling and grammatical errors. Previews of privilege log documents and their descriptions are consolidated into a central location, where they can be further modified and then exported to Excel. You can be confident that what you present to the bench is accurate the first time – with more than 90% of the administrative burden eliminated.


We often hear that inconsistent implementation and enforcement of coding protocol during review creates tremendous inefficiencies, resulting in delays, unnecessary cost and additional layers of quality control. When working with Inventus, clients work directly with the case team, leveraging our Advanced Logix technology to embed proper review guidelines into the logic of the coding panel itself. By adding this functionality to your coding forms, above and beyond what is available in standard Relativity offerings, you can ensure that all documents are reviewed and coded in accordance with pre-established review protocol. This significantly improves coding consistency, prevents conflicts and reduces the time spent on quality control, thus dramatically reducing your overall review costs.

Our proprietary workflows and solutions, coupled with our unparalleled expertise and consultative approach, allow corporations, law firms, and government agencies to recognize extensive discovery-related efficiencies and, in turn, substantially mitigate costs and risk throughout the process.


Corporate legal departments dealing with serial litigation or ongoing investigations are often faced with having to collect, process and review data multiple times. This process is costly and fraught with potential risks. M3 is a discovery management solution that allows corporations with sizable litigation portfolios and/or frequent third party or government inquiries to immediately transfer and apply previously processed data and attorney work product – and virtually any conceivable fielded data – across multiple matters in an automated, scheduled and synchronized way. It enables corporations and law firms to look at the bigger picture and develop a repeatable process for assessing and reviewing previously processed and/or reviewed data, so it can be seamlessly and proactively transferred into an unlimited number of Relativity workspaces.


With other discovery management practices, client support is only available during standard business hours and providers often have little insight into your case. This can lead to delayed response times, inaccurate information or advice, and regularly missed deadlines. With Inventus, you have experienced project managers across the country, providing expertise and localized responsive support. Whatever your question or need, you can rest assured that you will receive a timely, professional and informed response. Our project managers have a unique combination of legal acumen and technical expertise; they are not only well-versed in industry best practices, but are also able to advise on case-specific details in order to avoid potential pitfalls. With Inventus, you get not only the best in technology assisted review, but also immediate access to efficient and knowledgeable individuals, who are amongst the most tenured and experienced support available in the industry.


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