The inVerito three step pricing approach maximizes the value of your data by aligning with your strategy of culling irrelevant documents prior to review.

PHASE 1 & 2

During Phase 1, clients pay a small fee to have their data de-duped and, if necessary, de-NIST’d.  Typically, 20-30% of every data set is culled during this early phase.

During Phase 2 of the inVerito workflow, clients are able to conduct full ECA on the data that remains after de-duplication and de-NISTing.  This phase provides deep visibility into a data set, including full access to all metadata, text, and search functionality in Relativity, without the big invoice that normally accompanies an early case assessment workflow and ESI processing.  Both hosting and processing charges remain low at this phase.


It’s only on the data that is promoted out of Phase 2's ECA workflow into Full Review—what we call Phase 3—that clients pay full price.  Because our inVerito ECA is so robust, client’s typically cull 80-90% of their data prior to Full Review.

This proven workflow and pricing strategy saves our clients over 50% on each project.



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